Meet the Team

Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and staff members.
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Rev Matt Guilder

Vicar - Vacant position   Curate
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Rev Helen Scamman


Angela Letchford 

Associate Vicar (Part Time)   Curate (SSM)
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Jack Wilkinson


Jenny Guilder

Sung Worship Coordinator (Part Time)   Ordinand
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Ali Demet


Nina Hartmann

Youth Pastor   Placement Student with Youth
sarah a   ellen 2 (2)

Sarah Evans


Ellen Green

Children and Families' Pastor   Communications Director (Part-Time)
 alex sayer   jeanette

Alex Sayer

  Jeanette Main
Family Life Centre Manager (Part-Time)   Third Age Coordinator (Part-Time)
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Katharine Shentall  

Ruth Hassall

Church Manager   Discipleship Co-ordinator 
lini   Terry  400
Linive Holdbrook   Terry Legg
Bookings Coordinator (Part-Time)   Cleaner
cheryl   aida a
Cheryl Nicholls   Aida Chelnd
Cleaner   Cleaner
natasha   sim churchwarden square
Natasha Ashbridge   Sim Lane-Dixon
Church Warden (Vol)   Church Warden (Vol)
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