Mission Support 

In addition to local community engagement, individuals at St Tees collectively have links with nearly 100 mission agencies around the world, through friendship, financial support and prayer.  

St Tees has adopted a small number of these friends and agencies as Mission Partners, whom we seek to support regularly as a church.  We pray for them, share their news in Sunday services and on displays in the entrance foyer, and help to support them financially. In addition to supporting friends abroad, we also seek to raise awareness of the effectiveness of indigenous mission, which in practice means supporting one or two individuals who are working in their own nation. We also offer support particularly to young people on short term mission projects each year.  

Download to print 2022 Mission Support Calendar

In total we set aside approximately 10% of our annual budget for global mission, and funds are allocated each quarter by our Mission Support team.  
We are in the process of updating our videos from our mission partners. In the meantime, please do have a look at their websites below.
Martin Bateman is based in Morecambe and is CEO/National Director of Ambassadors Football GB. They help churches to serve their local communities through training and modelling football outreach, especially amongst disadvantaged communities in Great Britain and around the world. Find out more at www.ambassadorsfootball.org/gb   Friends international works with local churches to share Christ with International students
The NISCU team with an update from NISCU North Lancs   Nadine Parkinson from Tearfund has recorded a personal message for us at St T’s, telling us about some of the challenges of tackling coronavirus in refugee camps like Cox’s Bazaar

 Glyn and Jane run a school and orphanage in Mombasa Kenya. 


 Abi works for UCCF in Lancashire doing student mission.

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Imran lives in Lahore with his wife and 2 children.


Dhan has 2 businesses that support the Bible school he runs in north India. Both are closed at the moment


Keith and Jacqueline work for Wycliffe Bible Translators


 Steve Cowles is a police chaplain with Lancashire Constabulary 

Romi works in Kathmandu in Nepal for Ambassadors Football.   Julie Bird gives an update on the work of CRMI
The  family, we are supporting though CMS, live in a busy market town in the mountains of Africa.
Short Term Mission

Each year the Mission support team uses 10% of its budget to fund short term mission trips. These can be overseas or UK based. Applications can be made to the mission support team in writing, prior to the trip. Download the Application form

Our current Mission Partners are as follows.  If you want to contact any of the partners, please go to their website (by clicking on the links) or ask at the church office for contact details.


Our 12 Link Missionaries

events120Romi Tandukar  is an indigenous mission partner based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She works for Ambassadors Football to bring hope and faith in her community, using the medium of sport. 
Abi is a UCCF staff worker, I support students in mission in universities around the North West, asking big questions about life and faith. University is a unique and formative time with extensive opportunities for creative mission, often being described as the last best opportunity to respond to the gospel and come to faith. https://www.uccf.org.uk

wycliffe120The Robinson family are based at St Thomas’s and Keith and Jacqueline work for Wycliffe Bible Translators to  support the overall mission of WBT which is to see  all people having access to God’s word in a language they understand. 
  nacp-logo120Steve Cowles works as a volunteer
Police Chaplain throughout Lancashire. He has access to staff and those detained in cells in police stations, to offer support and encouragement, and can share the hope and the good news of Jesus within this vital public service.
The  family, we are supporting, live in a busy market town in the mountains of Africa, they are involved in community projects and discipleship, they long to see the love of Christ transforming communities and families in a region where most have never even heard of Him. 
  Dhan is the principal of the Himalyan Bible School based in Mussoorie, India at the foothills of the Himalayas. His passion is for training disciples to enable them to evangelise the many mountain communities not reached by the Gospel of Jesus. He works towards sustaining communities through different business and work opportunities whilst modeling the Christian life to those involved.  
e86f29a0-486a-448e-a761-e706b2CRMI - Children of Hope is the UK part of the small Ugandan based charity Christian Restoration Ministries. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by empowering children through education, healthcare and vocational training.    FIlogo120Friends International  works with local churches to share Christ with international students, through friendship, hospitality, and Bible studies. The Lancaster team is Sally Miller and Skyler Ehly.  
events120Martin Bateman is based at St Thomas’s and heads up the work of Ambassadors Football UK. They work in partnership with local churches to use football for community outreach, especially amongst disadvantaged communities in Great Britain and around the world.   nisculogo120NISCU, is a charity that works in primary and secondary schools, sharing the gospel through assemblies, lessons, clubs and other means. Debbie, Diana, Sarah and Jonny are our local schools workers in North Lancashire and operate in partnership with volunteers from local churches, covering an area that includes 67 primary schools and 9 high schools, many of whom they visit on a regular basis or who use their online resources.
logo120Tearfund is a UK relief and development agency that works through local churches to reach those in greatest need throughout the world. St Thomas’s church is a long term supporter of their work and we have an annual Tearfund Sunday and collection which usually raises in excess of £10,000.   Education for Life120Education for Life
works in Mombasa, Kenya and shows God’s love by providing education, feeding programmes and an orphanage, to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children and young people. The team heading the work include Glyn and Jane Davies and Maureen Clayton