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The 7 @ St Tees
Every Sunday Night @ 7pm
Word, Worship and Waiting 

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As the number of people attending in person has been rising (which is encouraging!), we have increased the seating on the ground floor, so that there is now 1m between rows.  However, we have created additional space (1m+)  between rows in the balconies, by taping off the middle rows to provide for those who wish for continued social distancing.  If you have mobility restrictions and wish for additional social distancing, please speak to a member of the welcome team when you arrive, who will work to accommodate your needs. Printed signs continue to be available to collect in the foyer if you wish to reserve additional seats beside you for Covid-security. 

  • Communion administration will now be done from stations at the front for those sitting downstairs, but will be brought up to those in the balconies, who can remain seated.    Following strong support at PCC, we will now provide communion wine in individual cups to safeguard hygiene.  
  • As the commitment to mask-wearing is now widely dropping in society, we are introducing some variation within our congregations.  At the 9am congregation, we will continue to ‘recommend and encourage’ the wearing of masks indoors while moving around, singing, or mingling.  However, at the 11am and 7pm congregations, mask-wearing will now be at the discretion of each person, bearing in mind our continued need to care for one another.  Sanitiser will be provided at the entrances. .
  • Booking will no longer be required to attend the 7pm services 
  • If someone in your house has a confirmed case of Covid, or you have Covid symptoms we ask you to join us online instead of it the building.