Prayer Resources

We've put together a collection of ideas to inspire and encourage people to try something new, to reignite our passion for prayer and to help us all to connect with God and the world around us.




For a booklet of prayer resources see the Ignite Prayer Resource Booklet

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The resources below are listed in the Ignite Prayer Booklet and marked with a purple rectangle. They aim to support you in your prayer life.

60 Minute prayer guide

A week of guided prayer for families

Resources for families

A week of guided prayer

The Lord’s prayer guide (1)

The Lord’s prayer guide (2)

Liturgical resources

Prayer Walking (1)

Prayer Walking (2)

Praying for young people

Prayers for others to know Christ

Praying for five friends

Praying for others

Praying for our government

Praying for our city

Praying for our nation

Praying for yourself

Small group prayers